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Re-usable panels repository


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In Workspace projects we often need to re-create the same, sometimes really complex, panels.

It would be really beneficial to be able to save a panel for later use in another project in a repository, or just be able to copy the panel from one workspace project to another.

This could also be expanded, so that panels could be created/edited by utilising a scripting language, for example Lua.





Hello there! I like this idea a lot. Just wondering why a template or a saved project that is full of reusable panels would not solve the problem. You do have the ability to copy and paste a panel from one project to another, so the creator could open the project full of saved panels, copy the ones he/she wants, then paste in a new project. Would this help in the short-term?


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Hi Benjamin

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, it would help a lot short-term being able to copy/paste from project to project.

Right now we have to rebuild new panels from scratch on existing (country) projects. It would be nice to be able to built it once, and then distribute it to the other country projects.

The editing feature via script or similar was definitely a long-term wish; this would eventually lead to flexible visualizations like combining bar and line charts, or really complex statistical calculated metrics :-)


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what a great idea!!!!

BenjaminGaines​: as already said, the „template project“ helps if you have just a small amount of tables/visualization. As soon as you have more, you have to either group it in panels or even create a few „template dashboards“. All this doesn‘t make it easier for a user to find the right item on all those dashboards. remark: not to mention that it always takes some time until a dashboard is fully loaded and you can start interacting - the more items the longer it takes)

Idea: new visualization templates

I would love to see an option where you can (similar to a „blank panel“ insert a predefined panel. Together with a „Panel manager“ (similar to existing segment manager) I would be able to manage panels, especially sharing, tagging, approving and add comments.

To start easy: Maybe just add an option to „right-click“ on any table and allow to „save table as template“. the newly created template would appear in the visualization area on the left side, below the default templates.

Or maybe create a way to add „predefined visualtizations“ similar to segments? offer a list of the custom visualization in the same way as segments (and in the same tab).

Just some thoughts about a great idea which would help to be faster creating amazing workspace projects