Processing Rules - UX/UI Enhancements

michael-Jet 06-11-2016

It would be great to make the following updates to the processing rules interface:


1. have an expand / collapse all button.  (i have to expand all to make the rules searchable (CNTRL F)

2. make the rules searchable/filterable.  i typically look for specific variables.

3. allow rules to be tagged/assigned to categories.

4. in history, all revisions to be tied to users.

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Excellent recommendations, Michael. How often do you make changes to processing rules? Perhaps more related to what you wrote, how often do you view processing rules without making changes, and what are you trying to find when you view them?


Would be nice if the interface is updated as well. Had to use the processing rules with contextData variables and the dropdown did not allow to see the full values of the variables...

It would actually be nice if it is aligned to same interface type as segment manager or calculated metrics with a drag and drop capabilities.

It would also be nice if for the condition we would reference another variable like if evarx equals evarY then do this action.

I would also be nice to add regex for both condition and actions. For actions it would nice to be able to extract values from a string based on the regex group like in classification rule builder.


much needed