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Processing Rules Tester


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When setting up processing rules you are not always sure youwill get the desired outcome, especially with suites that contain many rules. It would be great if there was some functionality to run the processing rules against a test string to see if the desired outcome is what I was expecting. For example, I would be able to enter my value somewhere, and see what it would look like after all of my processing rules ran. Currently it is way too difficult to do any real testing to ensure the desired value will be achieved.



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Absolutely, this is a great idea and should be a no brainer since Adobe is pushing context varibales also in the mobile SDKs. There is a definite need t be able to test the rules we set.


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great idea!

meanwhile, here's a tip I often use:

1) activate a new "prop" (traffic variable)

2) setup the new rule you want to test as you would normally setup a rule, except the following changes:

a) additional condition to check query string contains a certain parameter, eg "pr-test"

b) write a text to the prop created at 1), eg "Rule15: change eVar3". you could even use some fancy "concatinate" to add additional values to this string, before and after the modification! (stay below 100 chars!)

3) generate some test traffic, make sure to include the defined query string parameter (in your condition in 2)

now watch realtime data for your testing prop to see what happens, if rule triggers and maybe some additional information. since most of us have enough props free to use, you could even setup more props and write different values to those props...


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The Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adobe-experience-cloud-de/ocdmogmohccmeicdhlhhgepeaijenapj... now offer "post processing data". that means you get the values after the processing rules and you can directly see if a new rule works.

I guess that might solve most of the problems...