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Preset date range should include 'month before last month'


Level 3


Right now It is possible to select 'this month' and 'last month'. Dashboards reporting about 'last month' often include reportlets about 'the month before last month'. As this is not a preset date range, the month is selected manually. When this date range is rolling, the viewers almost never see data about the intended date range.

Still, 'rolling' is definitely the option to use, as 'fixed' will force you to update the dashboard each month. Therefore I suggest a preset date range for 'month before last month', to use in reports, reportlets, dashboards and so on.



Level 1


Yes!!, or make it easier to schedule a report on the very last minute of the "this month".

If you schedule "this month" so it rolls, and schedule to get on the first of the month, you end up with about an hour's worth of data (i.e. when you are trying to do 2 months of rolling data).


Level 2


Agree agree. It's easy to solve this in Report Builder using date functions in Excel, but then Client Care recommended to me that I shouldn't use dates from cell for scheduled reports, just in case my report suite time zone and where my report is scheduled on Adobe's time zone do not match up. So I definitely need a reliable rolling:

- this month-to-date

- last month-to-date

- last year month-to-date