Paid and Natural Search Data by Web Page



It would be great if we could get page level search engine metrics in SiteCatalyst that were easier to get to.


  • Natural search keyword metrics that drove traffic to a web page
  • Paid search keyword metrics that drove traffic to a web page
  • Natural Search Engine metrics that drove traffic to a web page
  • Paid Search Engine metrics that drove traffic to a web page
All of the above should be out-of-the-box reports along with the other search engine reports. Being able to connect the dots with regards to which search engine a user came in from, with what keyword, and what page they hit, is absolutely key. 
Being able to break this data down easily is a must as well. I would also like to be able to:
  • Commpare specific URLs on the same web page w/o having to refresh
  • Get search metrics for groups of URLs (example: an entire section of a website)
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This is one feature i miss (and used religiously) from our switchover to Omniture from HBX.



Given that this is a feature availabe on the free Google Analytics, it would be great if Omniture could match all of GA's functionality and then some.




Just to clarify, is it accurate to say that if we offered a "Landing Pages" report, and allowed you to breakdown the Search Keywords report by Landing Page, this would provide the data you need?


Just making sure I understand. There are more elegant ways to make this available from a workflow perspective...just looking to validate.


Great point, by the way. It's something I'd like really like to provide, as it has clear and quick value.





I think not only having a landing page report by traffic source but also, every other page of the visit by traffic source - many people want to do analysis on the path users take after coming from a certain traffic source, or the path users take by keyword searched etc.


The report would be pageName broken down by visit marketing channel source and marekting channel source detail. This would let people know which source or source detail drives the most people to a page - and this way you wouldn't have to create a segment for each and every source/source detail combination. Just go to a pages report and breakdown to see which sources/source detail resulted in that page being viewed.


Another metric would be which source/source detail results in the most page Views in a visits.




Yes, offering an easy view of keyword : landing page metrics would meet the bulk of our needs in this area.




This is implemented in SiteCatalyst 15. In both the pages and entry pages reports, you can breakdown any page by traffic source (Keyword, Search Engine, etc.) showing metrics such as page views, visits, conversion events, etc. Thanks for the discussion!