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New Sub-Hit Segment Container


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We sell multiple product categories on our site.  For example: Toys, Baby, Grocery.  A user may place an order that has a product from each category.  For example:

Order Revenue = 500

Toys = 100

Baby = 300

Grocery = 100

If want to see Revenue by Category, I would run a product report against our revenue metric.  Lets say I wanted to create a calculated metric for 'Grocery Revenue'.  My most granular option is this:

Segment Container: Hit

Segment Variable: Products  = Grocery

Metric = Revenue

The problem with this is that the 'hit' container would include all revenue in this order.  So the value would be 500 instead of 100 (unless I broke it down by products).  It would be great to add an additional container that would allow us to 'filter' on the variable in the container depending on the report I am viewing.  This would give us (Visitor, Visit, Hit, Filter) containers and would increase flexibility when creating reports/dashboards etc.

Let me know your thoughts.




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I second the need for sub hit filtering. Especially for product.


This could also allow for better cross selling reporting.


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@jantzen_b Archived? Just like that? Not even a comment why!? This is a highly voted feature and imho still a must for e-commerce.

Why archive it?


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@luekl  @AlanSc  - an auto-archive job was run and this was closed in error. We are correcting some tickets today, please bare with is. This one is moved back to Investigating. Trevor's last comment on the ticket is still the latest.


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@jen_lasser Thx for the info. I was really angry yesterday due to this.

I think at least the dropzone filters (which are actually hit-based segments) could be easily made to work like sub-hit Filters. There is no additional logic needed. It would be simply the same logic as if I dragged a dimensional Value Filter on top of all tables of the panel.

That would already help save a lot of time and confusion among users (they always wonder why both dropzone and table filters are yellow, but work completely differently).


Actual Sub-Hit Segments can come later.


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The map reduce jobs may need be re-architected @luekl , that would be no small feat. 


But yes, the ability to filter at dimension levels other than Visitor/visit/hit would be very valuable indeed. I would expect it would need a custom Panel, similar to why Analytics for Target or Segment Comparison can only be done in a separate Panel.


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Not sure @AlanSc . What I mean is that the dropzone panel "filter" would be simply the same as adding this filter on top of each table:

So the "Sport & Freizeit" filter on top would mean that it works as if it was actually on top of the table of each of the tables in the screenshot, just like in the example of the "Hauptmetriken..." table on the right.


No new query logic is needed for that imho.

From what I have heard it was actually even intended to work like this (because same color should mean same functionality), but then the implementors misunderstood it and implemented the dropzone filters simply as Hit-based Segments.



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This is definitely a feature we need, especially when you have groups running eComm in a sub-group under a larger organization.   For us to be able to see revenue and units for SPECIFIC PRODUCTS within a purchase rather than seeing all units and revenue from the order is an absolute need.  We shouldn't have to implement our own success metrics just to hack this data.


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Hi all,


100% behind this idea to be voted to be added to the roadmap.


At the moment we have to use the data lake to get to this which is fine for myself and the marketing science team for the 90%+ of the business that only ever use workspace this is really something that would be useful.






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In the last week alone, I have had 3 more cases where our users are completely confused and make FALSE reports with FALSE conclusions, and I cannot blame them.

Just today I had a guy sending me an email asking why the results are different if he removes the filter from the table because it should be simply a duplicate of what is in the dropzone already. 

When will at least this misleading colouring of the filters be fixed (it looks like a filter in the dropzone, but it is a hit-based segment which makes it work completely differently from the identically looking filter above the table).

@eric_matisoff said you guys supposedly ran a user test for this and the users supposedly said they like it this way. I don't know what kind of test this was, but my users are telling me a different story every week.

Either make the dropzone stuff sub-hit compatible (= this feature idea) OR change the colors of the dropzone so that users are not misled all the time and draw false conclusions or get stuck again and again.

This thing has enough votes for it to be considered. It may be not relevant for those many companies without e-commerce, but for e-commerce where u have mixed baskets all the time, it is crucial!!

"Hi Lukas, I have been trying this now for at least an hour, reloaded etc., but I don't see the error. Why is this


not the same as this? I am just removing the duplicate filter after all!"luekl_2-1610391552604.png


Thank you for your understanding.