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Need "last 13 months" as report timeframe preset


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The last release added a "last 53 weeks" entry to the preset report timeframes, but what we asked for was "last 13 months"

It's important for a business to easily compare this month to this month last year for all performance metrics.



Level 1


The majority of our reporting is Month over Month and Year over Year.  Not having this in Discover means double to work for people to pull in the needed data/insights.  I couldn't agree more. At a minimum of 13 months  Ideally the 25 month (2 full years + current MTD) would be ideal.


Level 2


Last 13 month and last 25 month as presets  has  been something I have been begging for  over the last  couple of years now. I am so glad some others agree this would be useful.


We have many dashboards which  require a year on year / seasonal view and we have  to manually update every graph in every dash to show last 13 months'. The automatic rolling month option doesnt work when there is no 'last 13 month' preset. It won't roll by month when you manually set the months, only when you use presets.


Please Please...this would save us some much time and frustration.


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Echoing Jenni's comment, this one's a must-have for us as well.


We waste SO much time resetting year-on-year time frames.  Dashboards just don't cut it when they have to be manually updated.  This also applies to Excel Client.


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I would love this -- we too need MOM and YOY comparisons, and trying to save a 13-month period to any dashboard reportlet is futile: it gets converted to rolling daily, I'm not able to select rolling monthly, and so I have to edit the report date every month. Very frustrating.


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Yet again I have had to waste my time explaining to senior management that we can't set up YOY monthly comparisons in dashboards, Excel client, or Discover.  We have asked Omniture for this at every CAB I've been to over the past few years.


Seriously guys, how hard can this be?  We're suffering here, and it's only a date range - simple bit of programming, really.


Yours in desperation...