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Marketing Channel Processing Rules "View History" detailed log


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Idea: Some type of customer facing "View History" tab or log in the Adobe Analytics Admin interface containing detailed Marketing Channel Processing Rule change history, similar to how the Processing Rules "View History" tab contains detailed historical changes/versions made to the processing rules.


  • Corporate data security requirements regarding detailed logs for any type of administrator access and changes.
  • "Why did <some marketing channel report> break/change?" and "Who did this and why was it done this way?" research by administrators. This is especially true for companies that have multiple Adobe Analytics administrators (or are new to the role), or have had these settings changed by contractors or consultants that are long gone.

Simply put, if anyone other than you has ever changed a Marketing Channel Processing Rule, this idea is for you.

Problem: The Admin Tools Log only contains basic entries like "Marketing Channel Rulesets was approved" and "Marketing Channel:Paid Search was approved" but nothing that indicates if a channel was enabled/disabled, if the "Override Last-Touch Channel" was enabled/disabled, or any other details like "Channel Breakdown" and "Channel Type" selections.

Solution: Make the detailed Marketing Channel Processing Rule change history customer facing within the Adobe Analytics Admin interface.

Apparently there is some type of searchable internal tool/log within Adobe which is not customer facing that contains detailed Marketing Channel Processing Rule changes. Here is an example of the data from that tool/log* (Note: This is how this info was formatted when sent to me in an RTF file from Adobe Customer Care.):

Rule saved on Dec 23rd 19, 11:55 PST by Company / someone@company.com
#1 : Set Paid Search to PageQSParam utm_medium
   If All:
      - PageQSParam StartsWith utm_medium
   #2 : Set Email to PageQSParam utm_medium
      If All:
      - PageQSParam StartsWith utm_medium
   #3 : Set Trade Shows to PageQSParam utm_medium
      If All:
      - PageQSParam StartsWith utm_medium

Please implement this idea! 

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This is currently working as designed. However, you can contact Client Care anytime for fetching Marketing Channel Processing logs history in details for any duration.