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Copy Workspace Reports across markets


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Description -

With GDPR regulation and other government compliance requirements, the ability to store data in different Adobe data centers across the world is a very valuable feature with Adobe Analytics.  Unfortunately, Adobe Analytics Workspace Reports (projects) cannot be copied across markets (data centers).


I'm requesting that Adobe add the ability to copy Adobe Analytics Workspace Reports (projects) to any markets


Why is this feature important to you -

Having the ability to work on a Workspace Report in one market and then copy to another market would reduce many hours of duplicate labor in re-building the reports in the other markets.  Additionally, this would cut-down on errors, make the reports the same for each market, and free up time to build better reports.


How would you like the feature to work -

On the Workspace tab, select report that you want to copy.
Add a "copy" button 

click on "copy" button

Choose market to add copied report 


Current Behaviour -

Does not exist.