Manage Projects: Search Reports by 'Shared with'

curtisy56616937 02-04-2020

I would like to suggest adding an additional filter/search option to allow you to search for reports based on the person it is shared with.


At the moment you can filter by report creators/owners & if a report is shared with you.

You can search by tags and report titles as well but you cant search by projects that are shared with a specific user.


I find it difficult to find reports that are shared with other users and having this option will be a great addition as I get a number of requests as an admin to share projects shared with people with additional people in the same team and the requests don't end up including who actually created the report or have the report title. 😞


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Cool idea!


I would add that in every listing there should be a possibility to apply a filter to each available attribute (name, description, author, date, etc.)

curtisy56616937 13-04-2020

100% agreed - more robust filters just make life easier when trying to find a project (especially when there are loads of projects you manage).


Shared with just the most pressing for me at the moment. 😛


The calculated metrics manager and segment manager would also benefit from the same filter option.  Idea here...