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Make Total Trends available as full Reports & Reportlets for Dashboards


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The recent trend lines added for Totals in Reports are useful but not available for us to readily use, Report, or Dashboard.  These are often useful when filtering down Reports as shown in picture below and would like to be able to put the trend shown in Purple box on a Dashboard quickly and easily.  Could be as simple as clicking on it which would take us to a normal report view which we could then do all the normal things with.



Level 2


For a report like "Page Analysis", it would be helpful to be able to graph the trend for only the report total.  The current functionality is limited to trending/ graphing only the top 5 pages.  But, trending the top 5 pages doesn't always make sense, especially for a site section (such as the Newsroom) where the top 5 pages vary from month to month.


Since the new dashboards aren't available in Excel, we can't even open  a new dashboard in Excel to quickly add a graph that trends the total line.  Not to mention that one of the benefits of dashboards is to create the format once and have it replicated and distributed monthly without human intervention

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Just learned this was a repost of an idea that has already been suggested -- TWICE

First: Make-Total-Trends-available-as-full-Reports-&-Reportlet...

And then: Trend-Only-the-Total-Line

Can an admin please combine these and their votes?


I often filter a report and want to trend the results. While the system (and reasonable presentation rules) allow trending only the top 5 entries, it would be extremely helpful to add the option to trend the report TOTALS only.


Example: I have a prop variable for content source with reporter names etc. It changes constantly so SAINT is not a viable solution. I can filter the report on values like "Staff reporter" but the result list is in the dozens or more. If I could trend just the total of this filtered report, life would be good.


Of course, the already-posted idea for allowing wildcards in SAINT files would also solve this problem, but I suspect this feature might be useful in other reports/ways.

Like the Pages Not Found report -- would love to be able to trend that.


Level 3


I completley agree with this! This is a much needed improvement. I'm always needing the sum of all rows trend line as a report and it's very frustrating to have to do an extract and manually create this in excel when the data is clearly already there and being crunched by SC to create that tiny spark line in the bottom righthand corner!