Make PurchaseID visible in SiteCatalyst

csutter3 14-02-2010

currently purchase ID is only visible in the Data Warehouse and I need to send it to an eVar to have it available in SiteCatalyst.

Really a waste of an eVar since the data is being captured and passed along to Data Warehouse - it would be great to have this enabled right in SiteCatalyst and save an eVar/prop

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rudishumpert 17-02-2010

I 2nd this request...  now to go and figure out how to delete my duplicate entry..

David-123 16-08-2019

Just adding to this - hopefully bringing this back to the front page.

This would be incredibly useful and would save on an evar / prop.

As a side note - Coremetrics used to have the ability to do this 11 years ago!