Make 'Previous Page' & 'Next Page' Dimensions in Workspace



In Adobe reports you are able to run previous page and next page reports which is very handy. In Workspace you are able to see similar data using the flow analysis. An improvement on both of these, IMO, would be to have a 'Previous Page' and 'Next Page' dimensions that you could drag and drop on visualizations all within Analysis Workspace.

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Wow I really love this idea. In fact, I'd think we should consider enabling it for every dimension, not just Page, since any dimension could be used in Flow. Imagine breaking down Internal Search terms by Next Page Type. Or breaking down Product by Next Page. Or Nav Menu Links by Previous Page/Page Type/Site Section. Fun stuff!



There would probably need to be a way to remove duplicates (same issue as Flow) and/or restrict to page level events so you don't have event calls carrying over values.




Despite the excellent flow reports in Workspace it is still incredibly useful to have previous page name available as a dimension.

Therefore, wherever I have worked it has been pretty standard to use the Get Previous Value JS plugin to create a 'previous page name' dimension.   However, the plugin has it's flaws, particularly where users cross from one domain to another preventing the cookie used being read - which frustratingly happens quite a lot across our sites!

It would be fantastic if Adobe could provide a robust, out of the box dimension based on server side processing that would not suffer the same flaws and would also not require the JS code.

Also, really like ericmatisoff​'s idea to extend out to other variables - although it sounds like a lot more effort 🙂