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Make Analysis Workspace auto-conditional formatting work better


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Currently, the Analysis Workspace auto-generated conditional formatting feature doesn't work very well.  If you have a large date range with various metrics, it doesn't dynamically change or adjust to changes.  Often times you have to use the manual feature to sett upper and lower bounds.

I'd like to see this feature work better so you can make changes and have the color schemes change dynamically.  If that isn't possible, I'd like to have the ability to set the upper and lower bounds by using a formula that uses the same functions already available in Analysis Workspace.



Employee Advisor


Adam - can you provide a few examples of what improvements you'd like to see us make to the conditional formatting calculation?


Community Advisor


One of the problems we've ran into in the past is where a particular data set has some outliers (e.g. one really high value).  The auto formatting then seems to use this to set the limits for the formatting.  It then doesn't show the nuances for the majority of values which are in a much narrower range.


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Agreed! It would be incredibly helpful if there was an "absolute" option available to always differentiate increases as green and decreases as red. This is what our senior leadership team is used to seeing, so manual updates always need to be made to our reports. That isn't an issue, but with the Analysis Workspace options for conditional formatting, it unfortunately then only applies to top-level metrics and not the breakdowns.