Let me copy dimension values only in Analysis Workspace tables



When I'm running a report in Analysis Workspace (dimensions as rows and metrics as columns), is it possible to copy ONLY the dimension of a table, and not the entire row? It seems I can select individual metric values, but not individual dimension values.

I'm constantly having to delete the tab and metric values when pasting into other contexts. For example:

  • Copying URLs into the browser's address bar - I always end up pulling the trigger before "cleaning up" my paste and generating 404s this way
  • Copying campaign IDs and pasting into a third party tool
  • Copying individual values and pasting into a dimension filter to narrow in on some data

..and so on. I don't JUST copy to paste into Excel, since I do a lot of integration work, investigation into outlier data, and bespoke analysis.

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I was able to select just dimension values by clicking the dimension column header then shift-clicking in the dimension list. It selected only the column of dimension values and I could copy it to clipboard.  For example:


Is that what you're looking for?



Thanks - I tried that and see now, and that definitely wasn't obvious. But it's not exactly what I'm looking for. For one, it doesn't support ctrl-select to narrow in on a single row. But more importantly, it keeps the dimension heading selected, which means there's still "junk" to delete when I'm just trying to select a single value.

I realize this conflicts somewhat with overlapping functionality: selecting rows for focusing visualizations, and quickly selecting rows by their dimensional label. But if there were some keyboard shortcut (maybe ctrl-click for initial selection) to narrow in on a single cell, that would be killer.