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Incomplete Audit/Admin = Easy break break things, hard to make changes


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What is the issue?

Without the appropriate audit/admin tools it’s virtually impossible to make any significant changes without breaking something.

Where are the gaps?

Here are some of the questions I’ve need to answer but couldn’t:

  • Who uses which shared bookmarks?
  • Who uses which shared dashboards?
  • What variables are used in which segments?
  • What variables are used in which dashboard reportlets?
  • What variables are being used as breakdowns in reports?
  • What variables are being used in which personal bookmarks/dashboards?

Here are some of the actions I’ve wanted to take but couldn’t:

  • Prevent access to an eVar while continuing to collect data  (so I can see who shouts about a broken report without losing the data)
  • Prevent users from sharing bookmarks/dashboards
  • Restrict access to existing shared bookmarks/dashboards
  • Prevent users from creating segments
  • Restrict access to some segments

An Example:

For legacy reasons we have 4 different variables capturing external traffic source data in slightly different ways.  I want to reduce this to 1 version of the truth but I have no way of knowing what I can remove without breaking something or which users I need to talk to about migrating to the new variable.

The scale of the problem….

I’ve got 80 users with accessing to:

  • 100s of segments
  • 100s of shared bookmarks
  • 1000s of personal bookmarks
  • 100s of shared dashboards with 1000s of reportlets
  • 100s of personal dashboards with 1000s of reportlets

It’s too many users/reports to manually trawl through and I can’t rely on users to audit their own reports as many don’t know a prop from an eVar (nor would I expect them to).

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