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Impromptu Classifications




In the event a small subset of values is unclassified in the reporting interface, it would be extremely efficient to be able to re-define the value(s) on the fly from the reporting interface.  The thought would be to simply right-click on a reporting value or set of values and opt to "re-classify" while viewing a report rather than navigate to the classification importer interface, export the tables, then re-import the tables. Perhaps clicking on the text value would display a text field on the same report page wherein one could define or redefine text values freely.  Granted, this would likely need to be a function available to admin users to avoid misuse.

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@Blaine_Nilsson - YES!!!  I am HIGHLY interested in this functionality.  In fact, if you made it possible for the user to do just WITHIN the Workspace Report, I believe you would then be able to open this up a bit more than just restricting it to Admins.

For example, I'm in a report where all of my values all start with:

I would love to immediately create the Classification that ignores the first two values, and then displays my data by productName and broken down by itemIndex (i.e., the item's position on the page).  My only other choice today would be to export to Excel and do this myself, which totally defeats the purpose.

As you stated, it would make things MUCH easier for me than having to go and create a new Classification in the Report Suite and then create my Classification rules for just one report.

I'm really glad you already had this idea posted.  Saved me some time from creating a whole new idea, PLUS it looks like it's already under investigation.  Thanks!