I'd like to be able to trend server call usage reports by month

cathym3173229 02-08-2018

This used to be available in the previous "Billing" tool but the new Server Call Usage report doesn't seem to let you trend over time.  I don't don't see where to change the date range unless I go back to Reports.

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in the new interface select tab „per report suite“ and download data. on the download request you can select your date range.

but would love to see raw data right away ...

arwith_grande 08-08-2018

the issue  I have is the new form does not give you the ability to choose which month to download.  I created a template that allowed us to trend the last 5 years of billing - and this is now broken.  There needs an option to have this for new users to see usage but allow us power users to pull out the raw data in a clean format and trend / classify the data based on business needs

marciac14586467 04-09-2018

When I download, I would love to see a table similar to the previous Billing download with primary and secondary server calls in separate columns. 

frankd55973318 07-03-2019

I second this idea. I need to be ale to get a quick monthly view of my server call usage, like int he old billing tab.

If this can't be done on screen, at least allow use to have a granularity option when downloading the report so we can see the data in total or monthly.