Group "Return Visits" and "Page Depth"




it would be very useful, if we were able to group "Return Visits" and "Page Depth" by standard, similar to "Time spent per Visit". That would make it easier, to arrange our reports clearly.


For example:

In Visit Number Report (Visitor Retention > Visit Number) I would like to group as follows:

1 visit

2 - 5 visits

6 - 10 visits etc.

In Page Depth Report (Paths > Pages > Page Analysis > Page Depth) as follows:

1 page

2 - 5 pages

6 - 10 pages etc.


Thanks a lot.

Kind regards, Carola

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Hi Carola,


You can set this up pretty easily if you capture the visit number as an s.prop or eVar, and then upload classifications via SAINT. Same for clicks to page.