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General Updates to ClickMap


Level 3


It does not appear that there have been an updates ClickMap since 2008 (correct me if I'm wrong).  Items need updating:

  1. Automatically Identify/update report suite selections based on rendered page.  If page is multi suite use a pop-up or something for the user to select which dataset they are evaluating.
  2. There still appears go be a conflict with interactions with ClickMap plugin working with Custom/Exit/Download Links.  If there really isn't would Adobe write a white paper on "ClickMap and other Link tracking working nice together"
  3. Ideally ClickMap should trigger like a custom link, and not be dependent on the resulting landing page.  If this were asynch js it should have little to no performance impact with all the benefits.
  4. I'll reintegrate the X by Y coordinate recommendation.  Use a normalized view with the ability to Segment the overlay by screen resolutions.  Make sure to vote up Clickmap basedonX Y coordinate and cursor placement tracking .
  5. Configure a way for snapshots of the page to be stored either on Adobe servers or your own identified. The when running the clickmap overlay, you can either see realtime or historical views of the page (as the page rendered that specific day).  It less important about the specific content and more about the page layout.  This could be done by making/aliasing object ids if they haven't already been set on the page.


Level 1


We certainly need a Cick Map update. Client Care have indicated this is being worked on, but it would be good to have more clarity on timeline and features. 


A lot of users across our organisation engage with this tool and we are now struggling to even access it as Firefox is restricted software. It's useful to the extent that access and features will be considered in our review of analytics tools for our next contract.   


Level 1


We are releasing tonight a new version of Clickmap under the Activity Map applicaton name.

This new version will automatically select the first report suite it finds on the rendered page (the user will be able to select other report suite present in the rendered page thru the Setting panel).


Lots of work was done on the quality of links that were collected, although the principle on how they were collected has not changed.

So we still need to look into suggestions #2 and #3,

The Activity Map help documentation has extensive information on how the link tracking collection can be enhanced.

Activity Map requires the website to be upgraded to AppMeasurement v1.6

We could not address #4 and #5 in this release but it is something that we are looking into. 



Some of the features that were added to Activity Map are:

- extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari,

- Many metrics to choose from,

- Segmentation,

- Page Flow Reporting

- CSV Export

- Live mode with minute trends,
Thank you.