Full Paths Report in Discover



If you want to see the Full Paths report for a segment, the only way to do this today is by creating an ASI slot.  I feel like you should be able to see Full Paths for a segment (i.e. Purchasers) in Discover along with the other Pathing reports.

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With a price tag like Discovers, every report I can get in Site Catalyst should be avail and then some!  Great suggestion.



I agree with 'metricsman' in fact I would go further echoing Adam's point and restate that given the price of Discover we should get some additional, more advanced, pathing reports and visualisations!



Although you can now easily apply segments in SC and the purpose of this idea is fulfilled, the full paths reports are limited to a maximum of 8 pages... Thats why I agree with this idea to bring Full Paths into Ad Hoc. 


In my head, since Ad Hoc is much more powerful, could we have full paths without a limit of different pages? Its not exactly this idea but I thought I'd comment this in here since this already has a few promotes and its the same request.