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I would like to have better access to in-person or live webinar training for different level of Omniture users.  Every contract renewal should be bundled with free sessions to the live webinars, in-person implementation/user training, quarterly on-site training, and passes to Omniture Summit.


Right now the only free training I can find are a few canned pre-recorded web "modules," and it's hard to convince anyone to view them because a) it's passive and b) it's not tailored to my company.  For companies that are growing (or if turnover is high) it's imperative that training is available on a recurring basis for users of different levels.


Free and better training ultimately benefits Omniture because:

1.  Accessibilty to data is the best way to create a metrics-driven culture and to socialize the Omniture tool.  The more people within a company use and understand Omniture tools, the more likely they will renew come contract negotiation time.

2.  The power users are your best evagelists -- free and better training means you create more evangelists, many of whom will also be the decision maker for which web anlaytics tools to purchase.

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@WestCoastWahine Having gone and paid for the implementation training, I can tell you that there is an large expense involved in providing this level of service you are asking for.


If such a service were to be provided, I would imagine the cost of using the tools would increase. There are many avenues of information to be learned outside of Omniture, blogs, podcasts - I happen to know of a good one Smiley Happy - that are free. Perhaps this would be a better solution. Or to pay for the onsite training and take good notes! Then you would have a baseline to provide information for future staff.


It is just training on the tools itself you are looking for? Or on how to do analysis?



Hi Rudi,


I would like basic training from how to pull basic reports all the way to advanced courses like Implementation and Discover.  For those of us whose job includes evangelizing the Omniture tool (and metrics in general) within the company, emailing out a link to a blog post or canned webinar isn't very effective.  The folks on the #Omniture Twitter or on Idea Exchange are likely the self-motivated types who are passionate enough about data to read through blog posts and sift through implementation manuals (I know I have!) but it's harder to expect that of folks in other functions where data is a supporting part of their jobs.


Also, having seen you so active on Twitter and Ideas Exchange -- Omniture should be paying to get you trained because you are their evangelist Smiley Happy





I understand what you are saying about needing more.  In a past life, I was on the other side, working for a software vendor and the time and process that goes into the creating that level of training is extensive.


I'd rather see their focus on enhancing the tools, enhancing the documentation.


On the other... Thanks! 





That's interesting.  I feel like the bigger hurdle I see from having worked at three Omniture client companies of various sizes is not the lack of bells and whistles, but getting more people outside of few power users to use the tool.....



Sorry to resurrect an old thread here, but I just wanted to let anyone following it know that we are addressing the "getting more people outside of few power users to use the tool" issue, although not in the way suggested in this post. We think you'll like what you see!