Folders for Metrics!

mattweg 15-04-2010

Folder for Metrics!

If you are anything like me, you would save a ton of clicks (and time) with folders for metrics.  I think we all spend a lot of time selecting metrics for our reports.  I find myself selecting the same group of metrics all the time.  If I could arrange my metrics into custom folders (or default folders), and add all of the metrics in the folder by adding the folder to my report, it would save a ton of time.  Plus it would allow us to organize our metrics to keep related metrics together!


I'll let the Omniture engineers figure out the details (b/c we all know they have super powers), but just to give a little pizzazz to this idea I have included a mock up of the "new" metric selector. 




Folders in Metric Selector

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jdnyland 10-06-2010
We are reviewing this idea as we look at our long term plans to enhance the metrics selector and associated workflow.
davidvf 12-02-2013

I like the general idea, though I would not make it too complicated. Maybe just another entry in the dropdown saying "my metrics" and some place to manage that?

- Cheers, David


With the introduction of tags, metrics are now much easier to organize and manage. It would be great to hear your feedback if tags do the trick or if you'd still like to have proper folders to organize metrics.

katyn15 30-06-2016

Proper folders, please! 

Harty_d 10-07-2016

I'm in favour of the Tags concept, reason being is you can apply multiple tags.

aablank2 18-01-2017

Tags are ok, but actual folders can make navigation much faster.  This is especially for shared metrics with less sophisticated users.

ron_ray 18-12-2018

Love this idea!


I agree but with a growing list of custom metrics, it becomes really hard to manage it.

kumararajak 18-07-2019

This will be definitely helpful as we are facing the same problem while drilling the metrics.

kumararajak 07-10-2019

Gr8 news