Fix the graphs so last data point is graphed against the correct time period



If you are using a Monday-Sunday reporting period, a graph of weekly UV does not plot the data point for the last week of data listed in the table.  The axis on the bottom on the graph needs to move to the left.


Can someone please, please, please fix this.  I've been waiting over a year for this to be fixed! 


I know I'm not going to get many votes because it looks like this issue only occurs for those using a Monday-Sunday reporting period.  So all I can say, it shouldn't be about the number of votes an idea gets but more about the time your client saves by not having to regraphing data time and time again. 

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Pah, "over a year".


I have an open ticket ("Start of the week in graphs") with a 2009 ticket number:



But I'm not so sure we are talking about the same issue. maybe you want to attach a screenshot?


so long