Feature Request - Allow asset sharing with Admin Console user groups

jkm-disco 22-05-2020

There is an idiosyncrasy with Analytics were assets can only be shared with individual users, the whole organization, or specific product profiles. However, the Admin Console is designed to use user groups as the method of grouping users and product profiles as grouping permission levels. So if common permissions are shared across an organization, there is no convenient way of sharing work without sharing with everyone. Thus it makes sense to share assets just with groups of users rather than groups of users that have the same level of permissions.


This may be related to other questions. E.g. https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-analytics-questions/analytics-unable-to-share...

admin console Asset Assets sharing User groups
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LukeAhn 9 hours ago

Hopefully this helps, but I've only been able to share to user groups as an admin.