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Feature Request - Allow asset sharing with Admin Console user groups


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There is an idiosyncrasy with Analytics were assets can only be shared with individual users, the whole organization, or specific product profiles. However, the Admin Console is designed to use user groups as the method of grouping users and product profiles as grouping permission levels. So if common permissions are shared across an organization, there is no convenient way of sharing work without sharing with everyone. Thus it makes sense to share assets just with groups of users rather than groups of users that have the same level of permissions.


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Hi @LukeAhn , can you confirm this is true for user groups? I am both a system admin as well as an Analytics product admin and the only options available to my organization are sharing with individual users, "ALL", or specific product profiles.


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Hi @Jacob-DDdev ,

I can confirm that as an admin it is only possible to share assets with "product profiles" (and NOT "user groups"). We had a discussion with Adobe consultants last week about that limitation.

Therefore I highly support your feature request!


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Hi @derroque ,


There is a workaround that my team is going to start using to better delegate the sharing of components (e.g. segments, calculated metrics). Normally we would create a user group and assign a user group admin where access to the group would give access to the components, but in this case, we will suggest to the user that would have been the admin to create a single utility Workspace report that has all of their team's components brought into it, and they will be responsible for sharing/unsharing the project with their teammates. There is an option while sharing to allow all of the components to be shared as well. Thus, when they create a new component designed to be shared by their team, they add it to that project, and everyone that the project is already shared with should have access. Haven't tested how reliable this approach is, but it seems to be the easiest solution to get the desired outcome.