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Fallout: Add "next page" option between touchpoints


Community Advisor


Description -

Currently, there is an option to select either "Eventual path" or "next hit" between touch points.    In addition to the "next hit" option what we really need is a "next page" option (which ignores all link tracking data).




Why is this feature important to you -

Currently you cannot look at the conversion between two pages where you want to specify the second page is viewed immediately after the first.  This is because any link tracking calls that happen in between the two page views will cause users to fall out, even if the pages are view one after another.  Worryingly, people may incorrectly be assuming that "next hit" is the equivalent to "next page" (this has happened inside our company.)


Note: The same issue used to exist with sequential segments but it was fixed i.e. there is now a "next page" option, in addition to "next hit".


How would you like the feature to work -

A new "next page" option that ignores link tracking calls.