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Expire eVars on Both Time Period AND Success Event


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Currently, you can expire an eVar based upon a time period or when a Success Event takes place.   I would like to have the ability to expire an eVar based upon a time period (i.e. 30 days) OR a success event (i.e. Purchase) whichever comes first (not just one or the other).  There are many cases where you want to expre an eVar if a user completes a success event, but if 6 months passes and they haven’t completed the success event, you cannot currently expire the eVar so an incorrect campaign or other eVar value would get credit for something happening a long time ago.  I would like the ability to control this in the Admin Console.



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Report time processing opens some pretty neat doors, and this is potentially one of them. Though there aren't any immediate plans to introduce this, it is being considered for the future.


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I would like to add that this would be especially helpful for eVars set to Original Value. For those eVars, you almost always have to expire them after a timeframe, or risk winding up with zombie values in the reports.

Let's say you have an eVar for "original search keyword" on an ecommerce site, and want to see which search terms people use to initially find (and buy) products. If you have the eVar expire at purchase and someone doesn't make it all the way to purchase, then they could come back a year later and buy something completely different but their search term from a year ago would still get credit. So being able to do something like "expire on purchase or after 30 days, whichever comes first" would make a big difference.