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Expire eVar based on multiple criteria


Level 8


Description -
We would like to be able to make an evar expire on multiple criteria (Page view OR event OR visit).


Why is this feature important to you -

Working in travel we have multiple evars that we use for different dimensions that are not the same a product. For example, Location, Check-in and Check-out dates. We use eVars to track these but if a visitor moves out of the funnel they persist. The same is true for our online check-in (against the evar we use for a booking number).

How would you like the feature to work -
In the success events configuration, you should be able to build a "custom" for the expiry which works like the segment builder but in a simplified way.

Current Behaviour -

An eVar can expire on any ONE of the following four categories:

  • Page view or visit level
  • Time
  • Conversion Event
  • Never