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Delete data in Adobe Analytics


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In case bugs happen on the web page events and variables in Adobe can be affected, especially with "wrong" data. As an example: you are measuring error events for a webpage component and due to a bug all events are fired 10x instead of once. In all reports this massive spike is now messing up averages, etc


You could deal with that by using filters, but the more users have acces to the raw data the harder this is as you can't enforce segments or filters to all users. You could also set calendar events, but those only show up in charts, not in tabular analysis.


Therefore we need the capability of deleting data from individual evars and props for selected time frames.



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@Julian  -  you can request Adobe to scrub data you don't want. I've been through it a couple times with several clients. I do not recommend it unless it is super business critical, like.. accidentally sending Adobe customer passwords or cc#'s or other extremely sensitive/private info that will get your business in all kinds of legal trouble, because Adobe will charge you a ridiculously large wad of money and time for them to do it. 


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warrensander, Thanks for the clarification! 

Also, I succesfully uploaded a "Generic Data Source" to overwrite a Counter Success Event. The text file I uploaded looked like this:

Date     v1: Time Stamp (Visit)     E1: Error (Always)
10/10/2016     1476115997615     -1

We identified the Success Event to be deleted via a time stamp. As a result the "negative" events cancel out the "positive" events. So when you look at the event trended, zero events appear. Thanks for your suggestion.