Default Metrics: Copy & Default



Copying Default Metrics


We have 100+ rsid's and we are moving toward 1,000s.  We have a very robust configuration and like to set up each report with default metrics.  It would be great to be able to copy default metrics from 1 report suite to the next.  This is currently not available when copying rsid settings.


Defaulting to Default Metrics


As it currently stands, the metrics selected for a report will follow you as you navigate to new reports.  This is both a blessing and curse.  It would be great if you could select an option that would allow your reports to show you the default metrics by default when first viewing the report. then you could add or remove metrics you want.  This would make using the reports and training our marketers much easier without having to explain the nuances of the tool.


Hope you like these and that they can get added ASAP.  : )