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Default metric(s) by report


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I have a number of users who are confused (and myself on occasion) because they think a particular report isn't working due to the default metric not being appropriate.  The result is a message that says,"No data match this criteria."  This alarms users and bogs down admin time with quick education.  The best example I have is the Time Spent per Visit Report.  The default metric is Revenue.  Depending on the site function, this wouldn't show.  I would think Visits would be more useful.


I'm suggesting that there be a way for the Admin to adjust the default metric(s) for each report.  Three or four would be just great.  That way Omniture could set them to a suggested default in a more fine-tuned way and then let each customer admin change it as they see fit.  I've seen requests for Visits to be the default for all reports, but while that's good for some reports it won't be useful for others.


Not only would this solve user confusion issues and save all kinds of time when creating reports, it would save Omniture customer service time as well.



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Admin Console allows you to specify Default Metrics. I typically put in Instances and Visits becase the darn Instance metric is truly 'omni-present' !! Smiley Wink


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aablank, I agree with you. They should add an option to save our preferred Metric for a certain report.

Everytime I run a report I'm costrict to change the metric that, by default, is not the one that I need.