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Data Warehouse Request Manager


Level 2


Description - We need to be able to delete reports that have been cancelled. 

Why is this feature important to you - To declutter the Request Manager report area

How would you like the feature to work - Provide us a delete function in addition to the other abilities

Current Behaviour - Currently there are only three abilities; "cancel, edit schedule, duplicate"



Level 2


To hide the report suite, go to Analytics > Admin > Company Settings. Check the Hidden checkbox to the left of the report suite name.

To unhide the report suite, uncheck the Hidden checkbox.

To view only hidden report suites under Company Settings, select View > Only Hidden Report Suites.

To view only visible report suites, select View > Only Visible Report Suites.

The default is View > All.


For delete function:-

You can submit this as an idea (feature request) on our forums so that Product Management can interact with you directly regarding this.