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Data Warehouse Persistent Row and Column Filter


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Description: Persistent row (aka job, report) and column filter 


Why is it important? The DWH export feature is being used for scheduled and ad hoc exports and therefore it's the home for a lot of entries, mixing up all kind of requested exports for all kind of purposes, this also requires "speaking" request names which are sometimes quite long; as there are too many columns, the request names are cropped - too many rows and too many columns requires to (de-)select unnecessary columns and row filters


How should the feature work? the UI should remember the filter I selected and columns i (de-)selected


Current behavior: If you (de)select particular columns or filters from the right sidebar, right after you added a new job or editing an existing one and get back to the list of all jobs/reports, all jobs/reports and columns are displayed again

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Level 2


("Workaround": the report suite that you last used in a workspace dashboard is persistent. So, if one wants to have a "saved state", one just need to get to the workspace, create a temporary project, select a report suite, save the temporary project and then get back to the new DWH overview)