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Data feeds to send data collected in the hour, not those that happened in the hour! (Offline app data issue)


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We use data feeds to send Post Processing events from our app and web report suites through to S3 each hour, where we use that data to combine with other streams. Unfortunately Data Feeds sends the data with the timestamps from each hour collected, rather than the data collected during that hour. This means that where we use offline data collection in our apps, and the data is stored to be sent to Adobe later, the hourly data feed doesn't pick this data up. This can result in our data being up to 10% out of what we see in Adobe Analytics Workspace.

This impacts our ability to use digital data to drive machine learning models or to understand performance and opportunities.

Data Feed sends data collected in that hour/day/time period selected in the config.

Currently Data Feed sends data for actions performed in that hour/day/time period.