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Custom Time Range Limit


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Description - Currently custom time ranges are limited to an 800 day lookback.  I would love this to go back a little farther, enough to accommodate a Last 90 Days two years ago rolling range.

Why is this feature important to you - With pandemic, YoY comparisons are not all that telling so I've been using Prior Prior Year to establish a better baseline for how much business we've recovered this year.  Last 90 days is a standard comparison window for us but I can't create that period two years ago because I hit the 800 day limit.

How would you like the feature to work -  Specifically, I'd just need the lookback window for days extended to 825 days.  Though since we have a rolling 37 months window of data, ideally the custom time range limit would go would go back to that (~1125 days).  

Current Behaviour - Days in time ranges stops at 800.  You could theoretically maybe do it in weeks or months, but for us "last 90 days" is the optimal time comparison range.



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Our account is actually set up with 37 month retention.  Maybe some Adobe defaults assume a 25 month but that would be a 760 day limit (365x2 + 30) not 800.  You can see how the arrow is grayed out and you can go past that in setting up a rolling date range.





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There appears to be a workaround for this - start with your date range as fixed dates going back >800 days. Then check the box for use rolling dates.


If you try to adjust the settings from there it might give you problems, but "start of current day minus" is how I needed this one.