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Copy ReportSuite setting


Level 2


When you create a new reportsuite that is copied from an existing reportsuite it does not automatically copy al the setting over.


You know get a warning telling this which is good but even better either



  1. OPTION 1 - Improve functionality so that all settings are automatically copied (which is why is want you would expect to happen in the 1st place) or 
  2. OPTION 2 - Create an automatic request to client care asking them to copy the setting from the master reportsuite to the new one this can replace the current procedure which client care recommended that we get users submit a request to set-up a new report suite using a "Raven Form" template.  


While there is nothing wrong per se with using the raven form experience is that client care do not alway get this done in a time frame that works or a highly decentralized organisation. 


With 200+ reportsuites with additions of at least 2 a week the options above will reduce the number of thing to remember when setting up RS and is one less thing an overworked admin need to remember





Pleased to report that this has now been implemented. When you create a new report suite using an existing report suite as a template, the settings you mentioned should now be copied. Additionally, we have exposed more settings to you once a suite has been created. You can control GeoSegmentation, participation, pathing, and more. And control of list variables is coming very soon!