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Classification Rule Builder: Force output to lowercase (RegEx)


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Some versions of Regex include a "\L" syntax that allows a string to be forced to lowercase.


This would be really useful as at the moment the classification that is created reflects the case of the original input - which can lead to messy looking values in reports.


For example...


Input value:






Mapping rule:



Results in:

"/PROMotion" appearing in the report, where as I would prefer "/promotion" to appear in the report


Note: this is about the output, not the matching criteria - aware we can already do case insensitive matching



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@AndyW - Actually no, we cannot do case-insenstive matching.  CRB is case-sensitive. 


A couple years ago when CRB first came out, the regex tester popup (where you enter in the regex and a single key to test against) was case-insensitive.  But when you go to the rule tester (where you enter in multiple keys to show classification results), that was case-sensitive.  And if you actually run the rule, the actual process is also case-sensitive.  


This was a bug I reported to Adobe when it first came out.  I asked them if they could either make a flag to specify case-senstivity, or failing that, make everything case-insensitive. Their reponse was to make everything case-sensitive.  Which really sucked.  Because now I have to do dumb workarounds for values like this: ^[Ff][Oo][Rr][Mm]$