Change 'Mobile Device' dimension to 'Device' dimension and include desktop


In a project I am working on the client would like to quickly identify data related to the mobile devices and data related to desktop traffic. The mobile section reports are mostly focused on the mobiles, while the traffic source section reports are related to the network traffic data and not to the devices.

Currently the client is using the out of the box 'device type' report (see here for details).
The client has a concern with the report settings:

  • 'other' label used for all the non-mobile devices is felt as misleading ('other what? other mobiles? other devices?'), while 'media player' and 'gaming console' are barely populated.
  • it seems not to be possible to classify the 'device type' variable (it would be great to create 'mobile' vs 'non-mobile' classification).

I think that a more flexible device type report can really help our clients in obtaining useful insights.

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proletm 17-12-2015

To second this we were asked to classify the "other" to Desktop as it looks very odd in reports. 

moe5141 25-11-2016

please rename other to desktop to make reporting more clear.


because of "other" we only work with two segments:

a) "Desktop" (=other)

b) "Mobile/Tablet" (not other)

this way we can report over device and business knows what were talking about.

but: this should be dimensions "out-of-the-box"

michaelh9186825 07-09-2017

Now that you can edit labels in chart legend you can at least edit it there. Not helpful for tables, but for charts this is a good workaround for now.

But agreed: "other" is not ideal...

GaMeur1 13-04-2018

It's true that "other" is always misunderstood by people that are not used to this report... I really don't understand why Adobe don't do anything about that, it would be so easy!

NKoons 11-09-2018

Would like to see the "Other" category renamed "Desktop", as that seems to be what it represents. Marketers are constantly wanting to know the mix of Mobile vs Desktop- and Tablet to a degree. The other items in that report (gaming console, Ereader, etc) are never high enough volume to warrant interest.


Hi folks, we are currently discussing how best to accomplish this. Thanks for your feedback.

mikethompson 11-03-2019

May also want to add something to the data feed lookup file: I think values shows up as 0 in the mobile_id column, but no row in the lookup table.