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Bring back 'Login As User'


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With the switch over to experience cloud admin console we have lost the ability as an admin to login as other users. This was an incredibly useful function to allow us to problem solve our users issues and test access levels.

Please please can you return this functionality.



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Same here,


We changed SDR , many of the metrics in Workspace are now flat, I wish to login as the owner and delete them. How can I do this?




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The sound of crickets in the distance...the creaking of a closing archive...the wry sarcasm of a jaded user...

I have a user who says one of her group can't duplicate a project in workspace even though I can see the user has the permissions to do so. With the retired feature I could have confimed what is happening but now I'll have to schedule a meeting with a screen share to see what is going on. 

Any explanation would be appreciated...


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UP in 2022

It's been a while since I really needed this, and today was the day... I tried to find this feature in "legacy (not so legacy) user admin interface", but alas.. no more.
I actually thought I was mixing things up, until I found this thread.


Adobe, Bring "login as user" back!

I don't doubt there still is a hidden URL there somewhere, and this feature still exists under the hood, if anyone tries to look for it.


I also have a user complaining about a mystery issue affecting only him across browsers. It's complex to debug without a screen share now.