Bring back 'Login As User'

JoeBlackwell 17-07-2018

With the switch over to experience cloud admin console we have lost the ability as an admin to login as other users. This was an incredibly useful function to allow us to problem solve our users issues and test access levels.

Please please can you return this functionality.

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Galaxybull 17-07-2018

+1 that

Not only that, could you add the functionally to reset password for individual users on Admin console.

Many a times, our users are senior executives and members of senior leadership team who do not have time to go through their emails to reset passwords and stuff. These functionalities will help us fix their accounts without involving them too much.


alv123456 19-07-2018

Very important feature indeed!


Please bring it back! we need a way to help end users (and check credentials)!

flandyroyd 22-07-2018

Yes. Yes. YES!!!  Had an end user that's a Director reach out because she couldn't login.  She tried to reset her password herself with no luck (she never received an email with instructions/link).  Short of reaching out to Client Care to reset, I had no options to help her.  Please bring it back ASAP!!

flandyroyd 22-07-2018

I just cited this very same reason as an example (below).  Very frustrating and does not reflect well on us as the SMEs/Admins OR on Adobe...

marina_bear 09-08-2018

and set up expiration on user accounts in the Admin Console in the Cloud not in the legacy UI <-- please more power to admins so we could better troubleshoot and assist users

pradeep_jaiswal 14-08-2018


emilio_m2 28-08-2018

Please bring this back! It's essential for when I'm troubleshooting user queries!

susannes2551314 17-09-2018

We urgently request this feature to be added to the new EC Admin Console! We not only need this feature to quickly assist internal users but also to troubleshoot, as previously mentioned by others already. This feature saves us a lot of hassle and time and our internal customers using Analytics expect that we have this functionality to support them quickly. Again, please bring back this feature!

mapter603640 28-09-2018

We have the same problem