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Bring back ability to set up alerts on top 1000 items


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The ability to set up alerts on the top 1000 items in a report was depracated recently (https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/sc/user/deprecated_alerts.html)


Please reinstate!  This was a key functionality of alerts for us.  As a publishing company, its ESSENTIAL for us to be able to see how an individual content piece (on a daily basis) is performing - and to be notified in order to respond to increased (or underperforming) readership.  Without this functionality - we have much less visibility into how our news is resonating with our audience.



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I logged on to the ideas exchange today to log this specific request!


The new alerting functionality is great but this is one of the biggest gaps.


As you can only set up alerts for a specific item, the problem we now face is we have to know in advance what the item is that will have an issue so it can be alerted on (which is obviously impossible)


This means the new alerting functionality's use is limited to high level aggregate activities which disappointingly makes it significantly less useful than it could be.


In one scenario I'm actually considering getting on of my analysts to go through and attempt to set up a few hundred 'item' level alerts! - for the sake of my analyst please help :-)


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We've experienced the same problem - alerts were not regularly used before, but now their benefit is being realised, but losing the ability to filter to top X of a dimension has meant we no longer use this feature.