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Better Processing Rules Management


Level 9


Please please PLEASE provide a better interface for managing existing processing rules.  


Our options are


1) wholesale wipe and overwrite everything to target rsids

2) append individual PRs to target rsids


But there is no "overview" to see which PRs are currently where. 


So let's say I have 100 rsids, and they are grouped up in different groups.  And I have some "global" PRs common to all of them.  So I add a PR and append to all.  What happens when I need to update later?  My choices are:


a) Append a NEW PR that overwrites the previous one.  This is not good, because we're supposed to write PRs to passively pop stuff as a best practice (e.g. "if not set, then set") 


b) Go through every rsid individually and update/delete the PR


Neither one of these options are good.   Also, currently PRs are not exposed with Rest/Soap APIs so I can't just make my own interface Smiley Sad


Ideally I want a PR management interface where it gives an overview of all of the processing rules across all report suites, and which report suites they are associated with, and a button next to each report suite listed for the PR that I can click to remove association with it.  Also a field where I can add one or more.  Or maybe alternatively, each PR would show all of them in a multi-select box (like you have on the current copy interface) that I can simply (de)select which one(s) I want the PR to be active for.  


In other words, the overall principle is to only have a single list of PRs and you choose which rsid(s) to associate it with.   


That by itself would go a LONG way towards making PR management, well, manageable.  


Please? Smiley Happy