Better Information in Alert Email

hjalmar6 25-10-2010

I just did the setup for some alerts. Now I noticed that the information in the alertmail is very simple. I selected several elements that may have triggered the alert. In the email I'm not informed which element has triggered the alert. I woul like to see the relevant element. If possible it would be great to see a full report where the compared numbers (e.g. PI) and the exact variance (+x% or -x%). Please see screenshot. The alerts today are not very helpful.




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carolyn23 09-08-2011

You allow users to change the alert name.  As time passes, they may have forgotten what the alert was for & there is NOTHING to indicate what value that alert was set on!!!


"The relevant element" is KEY!!

manu19349 16-05-2019

Alerts should have options to customize the email, like highlighting the % dip or increase and the variables that saw the change needs to be highlighted. Users should be able to provide the name in Alert.