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% Based Alerts for relative changes in behavior


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Need the ability to set Alerts based on relative changes in variable & event volumes vs. currently only able to do by set volumes ex: Hourly Unique Visitors < 100.


Instead if Site Catalyst could push Alert Emails & Text messages when current behavior changes by X% from a prior period then it would be much more useful:

  • Email when Event99 "Product Configurations" +/- 10% same hour yesterday
  • Text Message when Checkouts for Product X +/- 10% last weeks average

Tie this to IDEA: Calculated Metrics with eVars and it really opens up Site Catalyst to being an Active tool pushing out knowledge & insights about Segments that are shifting.



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Here is additional description in case it helps:

Ability to set Alerts Based Upon % of Total

If you have a value in a reoprt (i.e. SEO for a Marketing Channel report) and that percent hovers around 30% each day, I would like the ability to be alerted if the % out of the total jumps past a certain % or changes by more than X%.  Currently, you can only get Alerts on raw numbrs, but sometimes seeing how an item's % within the total changes is more important.


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Another alert based feature would be the ability to set alerts that allow you to just see positive, or negative percentage changes.  You might not care if it goes down, but only if it goes up. 


Also, along the same lines with relative changes in behavior, this would solve the problem that weekends cause for many marketers.  If you could compare Saturday to the previous Saturday, this would prevent useless alerts because of natural swings in the data. 


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I'd go further than the above and add ...


Alerts should be user customisable.  Eg, if I am reporting on yesterday's data, I would like an alert to compare it against the last 8 Sunday's rather than yesterday or 4 weeks ago.  AND then to set an alert tolerance of +/- x% or +/- an absolute number.


Proving this for certain near real-time data; ie PIs for the last complete hourpart verses the same hourpart from the last x weeks would provide a truly useful alert.


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I see this need too. I want to use hourly alerts to understand when things on our website break. One advantage of Omniture over other tools is that we can get hourly data. However, to be the most useful, I need the hourly alerts to be based on the same hour for previous days (4pm on Oct 1 vs. 4pm on Sept 30) rather than the previous hour (4pm on Oct 1 vs. 3 pm on Oct 1). This is because unless your website is massive and very international, you will have natural cycality during a 24-hour period that roughly reflects the waking hours of people.


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Actually, I'd like to see alerts based on statistical ranges, not percentage of previous period.  So if traffic exceeds 1.x standard deviations form the average for that period over a trailing period, alert me.  In my case, I look at data that falls outside the 95th percentile confidence interval for the trailing last six weeks or so.  So if Mondays traffic is above the average for a Monday over the previous six weeks by greater than 1.645 standard deviations (.05 confidence interval) then flag me.


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Marking this as implemented, as percent-based alerts and SMS alerts are currently featured within Adobe Analytics.


For hourly alerts, please promote this thread: https://forums.adobe.com/ideas/6803