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Average Time Spent: Consistent Order & More Granularity


Level 9


Comparing average time spent would be easier if we could sort the buckets of time and not have them ranked by the metric we are using. It would also be more helpful to break up the 1-5 minute bucket into two smaller bucket. Spending 61 seconds on a page is very different than spending 5 minutes. The ideal would be counting this in seconds and then giving us the flexibility to SAINT upload our preferred buckets.



Level 1


I feel like the root challenge here is different site content might dictate the need for different bucket groupings.


SAINT could help some with this (but that is assuming you understand the behavior enough to predict what make sense).


It would great to have a visualization of this data to see the distrubition plotted out to see what kind of bell curve you have, etc. 


And then to be able to compare different times (like the 4 weeks prior, 52 weeks prior) would be pretty handy to see how time on site is migrating/shifting.