Annotations (including Calendar Events) in Analysis Workspace

arwith_grande 26-07-2017


We are able to see calendar events within Marketing Reports and Analytics (SiteCatalyst).  Could we please enable this to also be seen when users are using Analysis Workspace?

I would suggest enhancing this to have an icon that indicates there is an event, that way it can show up on across all reports.

Thank you


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thornbrook 17-05-2018

Something like this would be perfect

calendar events.png

adamw73247808 01-10-2018

I also would like to be able to annotate anomalies against a metric. This could tie an annotation to both the metric, and the time range it happened within. If I annotated an hour, that annotation would belong to the metric, hour, day, week, month etc. Users should be able to see this information in any export of data that uses that metric and time range.

The way I'd like to work with annotation is writing it against the anomaly in a table / chart. If I could right click > annotate against an anomaly in a chart, that would be fantastic.


BenjaminGainesjen.lasser​ in this 2015 thread it was mentioned annotations were planned for workspaces, as "We recognize that the ability to add context to your projects is key to democratizing analysis!" - you're bang on . When can we expect it? Re: Feature request: Annotations / custom text


Hey Adam - this idea is still on our backlog for consideration. No timeline to share just yet, but we will update this thread when we get some momentum behind the idea.

gyusza 09-01-2019

+1 for this! Would be amazing to be able to visualise this.

michael-au 29-04-2019

This would be super useful for context in Workspace reports. Would also be great if their was a calendar events visualization table that could be dragged in to show a list of calendar events within the workspace panel time period.


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stefant29881141 05-06-2019

any update on this? jen.lasserGigazelle

susannes2551314 07-06-2019

This would be greatly appreciated!

David-123 07-06-2019

Agreed - this would be great.


I'd really like to be able to tie calendar events to specific dimensions/metrics (where appropriate).

For example, in the old reporting/SiteCatalyst interface if we logged a calendar event because something significant affected our application start event, the calendar event would show up everywhere - it would be great if it only showed in a when someone was using the application start event.