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Annotations (including Calendar Events) in Analysis Workspace


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We are able to see calendar events within Marketing Reports and Analytics (SiteCatalyst).  Could we please enable this to also be seen when users are using Analysis Workspace?

I would suggest enhancing this to have an icon that indicates there is an event, that way it can show up on across all reports.

Thank you




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We wrapped up prototype testing and received lots of helpful feedback that will shape this feature should it be prioritized on the roadmap. Until then, it will remain on the backlog for future consideration. 


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Hi all - we have added an Annotations prototype to Adobe Labs that we'd love to gather your feedback on. As a reminder, Labs prototypes are not guaranteed to be put into production, but the feedback received will help us to prioritize the solution better.

Annotation lab.png


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In Adobe Analytics > Labs, we currently have an Annotations prototype available for you to try out. This prototype allows you to add contextual notes to data points in Analysis Workspace.

Adobe Analytics Labs prototypes are typically available for about 90 days. Your feedback on these early concepts is a wonderful way for you to directly influence our future roadmap investments.


Please try it out and provide your feedback! 


Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 1.20.13 PM.png



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To echo @adamw73247808, I agree that having the ability to tie an annotation to a specific metric would be very helpful. In terms of visualizing the events, like the way Google Analytics displays them. If you really wanted to take it up a notch, you could even allow the events to be tied to variables (or even values in a variable).

For example, I would tie the "Friends Reunion on HBO Max" event to Show = Friends. 


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@jen_lasser & @JohnBates -- Hot d*mn, I now see that it's in Labs. Really cool. I love how you tied it segments/ metrics/ evars. Very elegant. Here's my feedback, also sent via Labs.

1. Move the annotation from a hover popup to a list below the graph itself, a la Google Analytics. My report consumers view charts via Workspace PDFs or in screenshots that I email them. None of the stakeholders are actually IN Adobe. So while the popup presentation might be helpful for analysts leaving notes to each other, having the 'key'  below the chart (with the option to show/hide) would be more useful when sending to stakeholders.

Also in this case, the label covers the data, which makes it kind of useless.


2. Add the ability to make the dot / line semi-transparent so that it's less prominent. Right now it's the dominant element on the graph. I'd like it to be more of a footnote than headline.


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@katynorris haha, I love your excitement for this being in Labs! 

Thanks for testing out the prototype, providing such thoughtful feedback, and sending it through the Labs portal. That will ensure it reaches the right team for consideration.



Having annotations will be very useful and I am with @katynorris two points. A list would be great and the options to make it less prominent also. 


Are you planning to give the option to integrate the calendar events into Annotations? Or will we have to transfer them one by one when this feature becomes available?