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Analysis Workspace: We need analytics on Analytics!


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There seems to be an irony to the fact that Adobe Analytics doesn't provide analytics on how Adobe Analytics is being used

As an organisation we have massively bought in to using Workspace to drive the self-service of data/insight throughout our business.

As a result we are centrally managing a large quantity of workspace projects, segments, dimensions, calculated metrics for a significant number of Analytics users.

In order to manage these effectively with Workspace, we desperately need to be able to understand things such as:

  1. how many times are components actively used (e.g. Segment X has been used 200 time in the last 30 days to retrieve data)
  2. which workspace projects a given component is associated with (e.g. Segment X is used in project A, project B and project C)
  3. what projects a given analytics user is accessing (user X has access Project A ten times in the last 30 days)

Please can you consider giving us a decent level on Analytics on the Analytics?



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To add to this I also want to know how many times a workspace project has been viewed, how many are created per user and how many are shared as well as scheduled for deliveries in pdf and csv form


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There's never been a great way to do this, but at least before analysis workspace we could use the data access logs in the admin console (with some serious massaging of the data). This was a great way of seeing which reports aren't being used at all, and which reports are used more- it helps guide decisions around implementation as well as decisions around enablement and education of the org about reporting.


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Gigazelle​, hello!  This came up in conversation among my team today.  We are in desparate need of having analytics measurement on how our Workspace projects are being read/used.  Has there been any progress on this since May'18?


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Hi all - if you haven't seen our tip on how to do some initial usage analysis in Analysis Workspace, check it out at adobe.ly/aausage. While it won't accomplish everything stated on this thread, it does provide a ton of useful information to help your business justify spend on Adobe Analytics & help you govern all of the components you create (like Projects, for example).

With all that said, more accessible & thorough usage analysis in an Workspace-like UI is something we are researching on our side and hope to build into the product in the future.


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Last year, we implemented the approach that was so nicely documented by Jen on adobe.ly/aausage, and we have received a TON of value from it. It has shaped the new KPI for Elsevier's Web Analytics program (which is "monthly active internal AA users") - and has helped us to drive adoption of Analysis workspace. It helps us to post internally our most active Analysis Workspace projects each month and shows how the value realization from AA data has increased (quite tremendously) over the past 3 years. I can highly recommend to try this approach - you will be overwhelmed with the insights this gives


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Took it - really hope for this feature.

But as mentioned in slack, what we mostly miss from the current log-files is the "Virtual Report Suites" used by the users.