Analysis Workspace: Divider Lines



When trying to lay out multiple components for a single metric -- say a single number, a comparison, and a trend line, it can be hard to delineate which visualizations "go together." I've been known to drop a text visualization with a space in it as a clunky way to make a horizontal line. But, there's no option at all to put any vertical delineators. 


Having "decoration" visualizations that enabled some level of visually grouping / delineating blocks of visualizations would be very useful when using Analysis Workspace to make a dashboard that is readily scannable by end users.

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In case you haven't been doing this, when you add that text visualization you can collapse it so that it only shows its title. I know it's not a "solution" to this need, but as a workaround it is not terrible. 



Yeah. I've done that (if I understand correctly).


Below is a (crude) illustration of what I'm describing. There are separate ideas to be submitted about being able to turn off the borders of visualizations, as well as controlling the font size/style in headings.


But, I think I want to have all of these in one panel so the end user can easily apply a segment to all of the visualizations (and not have the clutter of the date selector being repeated many times. There are three visualizations per metric (and I'd like to have a few more, but I can't really get them sufficiently compactly laid out), so "boxing" them would be helpful. 


The various grids that are built into AW are great, and these would pretty consistently just fall on the spaces between those grids, FWIW.